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Agronomic Support

Product Spreading

Pasture Care

Pasture Seeding



Grass Growers supply a range of high grade fertilisers. Single Super, DAP, MAP, Urea, Potash, Ammonium Sulphate and other products can be supplied as well as custom blends made specific to your farms needs.

Over the years we have developed a range of blends that are specific to our district.

We also supply Easy N liquid fertiliser.


Agronomic Support & Advice

We have a team of qualified agronomists providing year round support to farmers to ensure their paddocks are productive and meeting the farms needs.

Our agronomists also complete:

  • Soil Nutrient Testing
  • Paddock Inspections
  • Future Product Planning

Lime, Gypsum & Dolomite Spreading

Our machines are capable of spreading 100’s of tonnes of lime and bulk products in a day. We can deliver your products of choice providing a seamless service of product, freight and spreading.

Pasture Care

We advise and stock a range of suitable products to be used in our area. From herbicides to insecticides and growth regulators, we have the knowledge to recommend the right product for your needs.

Pasture & Forage Crop Seeds

There are masses of products all claiming to be the best.
Our agronomists get to see what does (and does not) perform and can assist farmers with options to suit their needs and goals.
Our close relationship with Notman Pasture Seeds enables us to tap into their insights and wisdom which is passed on to our farmer customers.

Testing and Analytical Services

Our agronomists are regularly involved in sampling farmers paddocks to monitor various issues on farm. This testing give us the ability to recommend the right products and course of action.

Our testing services include:

  • Soil
  • Plant
  • Water

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Proudly located in Terang, Victoria, we have serviced the local community for nearly 20 years. Contact our expert agronomist team to see how we can get your grass growing green and healthy.